black dogs

The Photomaton / Dog Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

While this black dog looks harmless and fun-loving a friend this week was visited by the one that is not. Perhaps a little more like this one.

camil tulcan / / CC BY-NC-SA

It’s a bastard of a thing this visit and certainly causes friends to worry. While I have been visited once or twice myself good friends and canny doctors have helped. It’s more than seeing the glass half empty all the time. It’s just a black cloud that hangs over you and renders you incapable of making decisions or moving forward.

Thankfully my friend let me know what was happening, allowed me to visit and to take charge. If we don’t know what’s happening we can’t help. And we don’t judge because we’ve all experienced it. It’s a right bastard.

So try to tell us if the dog is at the door, please.

That’s my Sunday message.


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