technology et moi

I’d love to add an image or two but I’m all tuckered out.

It’s been a week of technology. Some good (I worked with the stuff) some not so good. But I am now the owner of a new phone with stylus and screen protector, and new keyboard (thanks P) and using blue tooth at last, a new modem (thanks Telecom and the courier who knocked on my bedroom window the first time and the back door the second), three new filters on my landline phones and a new approach to dealing online with tutors in the construction industry (truly).

It was exhausting in many ways – waiting for the internet to load can be like watching paint dry on a bad day. Spilling your morning coffee and losing vowels as a consequence is alternately amusing and frustrating depending on what you are doing.

I think it’s time to go back to Barcelona via that great book I’ve been reading.

But wait! A lovely Cypriot nose from 30 years ago. George. And my grandfather’s nose from about 60 years ago. I like them because they are distinctive and have character.

gmagdad2 copy


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