You know you have had a great meal when you don’t brush your teeth before you go to bed so that you can savor the delicious tastes.
And so it was when I went to the Havana Bar for a meal.

There’s a part of Wellington that references Cuba. Its main street is named after the Cuba which brought various immigrants to NZ in the 19th century. The whole area has become a kind of Cuba link. There’s Fidels’ Cafe to which tangueros go after practica and there used to be a great Cuba Street festival. You’ll hear people speaking Spanish and there used to be a small but fun Argentinian cafe there too and a restaurant called Ernesto. I’m sure there are many other references.

Last evening after a movie about food two friends and I visited Havana Bar, off Cuba in Wigan Street. And although the fellows and fellowesses at the next table were rowdy and obnoxious (lawyers???) we had a fabulous meal and the staff were wonderful: kind, considerate, empathetic. They reduced the bill to allow for our discomfort (really? it’s fun to knock cyclists off their bikes?) and smiled as they served the tapas menu. Ah the prawns! The duck and celeriac salad! The pork that melted in our mouths! And that was AFTER indulging in Floriditas’ parmesan and cheese bites before the movie (Haute cuisine. Nice). A birthday (not mine)treat.

I’m still salivating after the meal.

I do love Wellington. And boy! Am I going back to the Havana Bar and Cafe!


2 thoughts on “Cuba!!!

  1. I see, I get the pitcher. This site can b read by exils. Cuba Street before Mell: Furs, Sables and supposed commercial espionage in the Fur Trade. The Matterhorn, what a swizz, no Alp and no telescope. Down nr Wakefield, the Woody Guthrie hotel, ‘Roll On Columbia’.


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