notes on a progression




Although I’m not yet dancing I have dropped in on a practica and/or milonga or two. Good to see people. The young (he’s 22 next week) but increasingly confident personal trainer has me doing squats and step-ups to improve the muscles and the new boots are so comfortable I’m almost sprinting.

On the two days I decided to walk stickless at work there was a fire alarm (I’m on the 6th floor) and a possibly real fire while I was at the city campus. Ah well it was good exercise.

The freesias I planted for spring are showing and the camellias and rhododendrons, usually out late winter, are in bloom. I’ve had a fever of tree cutting, since I can cut what’s above me, but am now starting to be able to weed.

Showing my obsessive nature I’ve become addicted to trivia quizzes on Goodreads, and am now 3,568th out of 1,678,587 other addicts. I guess it beats talking to unsuitable men on the internet, although that too had its amusements.

And, alas, since returning to work the reading has suffered. I had to abandon one book due to inability to concentrate but have managed to relive visits to Barcelona by reading Carlos Ruiz Zafon, although there’s a small collection of writers-who-write-about-Barcelona, and I feel a dedicated post coming along.

And, since this is feeling like one of those family newsletter roundups, I’ll stop now.


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