of course it was also

…..the week or the week after the passing of NZ’s Marriage Equity Bill. This video on the blog/news site shows the MPs being all warm and fuzzy and acting like mature adults. It’s great to see. The news is that all they sang Pokarekare ana – but I reckon most of the people in the viewing balcony did most of the singing. A local radio commentator noted that this was so different from the passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, which occurred it would seem because of protest, street marching, letter writing and fierce lobbying. Search ‘homosexual law reform’ to find images. The Homosexual Law Reform Bill, was passed on 8 March 1985.

Another version of PokarekareAna.

And it’s a week when I have been overwhelmed with the DIY rainbow crossings appearing all over Sydney. Find them on Facebook. I’m sure they won’t mind my sharing this image here. It looks like an amazing movement by the people for the people.

rainbow crossings


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