that was the week that …….

(c) Wood St, Fiona Clark. Used with permission
(c) Wood St 1970s, Fiona Clark. Used with permission

This week the close friend of one of our community died tragically; a singer song writer whose times coincide with mine died and the Boston explosions occurred prompting sorrow, alarm and various other emotions.

And I got the ‘flu’ – the second flu/cold virus in 2 weeks, so I guess my immune system has been coddled a bit lately.

While the death of the singer-songwriter prompted nostalgia, the pain suffered by those who knew the young woman who died also hit a chord. Death is difficult but harder when we know how young the people were and how many people’s lives will be affected as they go.

And so to the Boston Marathon: BuzzFeeds posts this: an outline of the Boston massacre/catching the perpetrators, notable for the inclusion of an image from Syria sending condolences and reminding the U. S. of A that this is what happens in Syria most days.

And so to the ‘flu’. No work tomorrow, more whiskey and lemon and more sleep.


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