being clear





These images serve as a kind of metaphor.

A member of the whanau has started clearing my garden. There are parts of the section, now exposed, that I never seen like this in all the 20 years I have lived here!

It’s part of the ‘getting ready for surgery’ that’s happening. This involves buying a kitchen stool/steps and generally trying to increase my level of fitness, getting my hair cut and contemplating the care roster. All comers considered.

It also involves dealing with ACC again (Accident Compensation Corporation). They are still uncertain as to whether or not the shonky, falling apart prosthesis is a treatment injury or not. Sigh.

But that aside I do detect a change in their communications – for the better. Last time I had dealings with them they were on the cusp of change. I felt grateful that I dealt with them before things got really bad. Which they did.

Now I get chatty letters written in plain English, phone calls telling me what is happening and why. They still have not made a decision nor have they made a decision about my small prior claim in relation to my shonky foot but at least they keep me informed in plain English.

Like my newly exposed garden. It just makes it easier to see the weeds from the trees.


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