a new house?


I’ve started to become consumed with the idea of building a nano house on my back section. Today the light shines on just the right piece of ground (it might necessitate my having to cut down the cherry tree, alas) where the morning sun shines.

The issue would be to retain the view and afternoon sun and not upset the neighbours by my being able to peer into their properties.

I’m sure it’s solvable.

The house would need a hand motivated lift or granny chair, a balcony and of course a spare room for guests. Then the main house could become a place for children as perhaps it’s meant to be, and I could be out the back in the nana/nano house!

I like this one:


However it’d need an upstairs.

The whole idea of these houses is that they are sustainable, environmentally sound and cheap. This one pictured comes in at $315 (US I assume) from Impact lab.

I adore this lumenhaus too.Copied from DC by Design.


These houses seem perfect for New Zealand conditions, and, with the right design, for my back yard! Maybe I could build one for guests or hire it out as extra accommodation. Endless possibilities!
The book from which these images are taken is called The Nano House.
It’s a Thames & Hudson production.


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