Aleph. Image from
Aleph. Image from

Because several people I know rate Paul Coelho, it seemed time to try a book or two. The one that sat on the library shelves was The Aleph.

I am not, you may detect, one who contemplates the spiritual journey, so I am not the target audience. We all define self-indulgence differently, and for some writing a blog like this is highly self-indulgent. It just seemed self-indulgent to me, to spend so much time trying to find out who you were a past life and to looking for the spot where the aleph takes you back to the past.

I once lived beside a woman who told me I had physical pain in this life because I had been a nasty person in a previous life. That put me off such theory forever.

I did, however, find the history of the letter aleph and its linguistic connections interesting.

More Coelho? probably not. But he seems a good-hearted fellow.


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