speaking of eyes


In a previous post I mention Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes. Well Peter O’ Toole also has/had some dreamy eyes. Startling really. And there’s that bit in the movie Lawrence of Arabia, which I watched on my penultimate day of the holidays where the Turks, with a 20,000 pounds reward on his head capture him and note that he has blue eyes but fail to realise that this is the fellow they are after.

It still is a great movie that shows in passing the duplicity of the English/French, the trials of being a hero and a view of the beginnings of the troubles in the Middle East (if you are European it’s Middle, if you are a Pacific person it’s Far).

Like Cleopatra it’s still a great movie.

This image is from http://www.lagsreviews.com/2012/09/lawrence-of-arabia-1962.html Actually this a good review and you should read it: http://www.lagsreviews.com/2012/09/lawrence-of-arabia-1962.html


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