Dancing at the Massey memorial
Dancing at the Massey memorial

After my double hip operation, and with a foot damaged during the operation, and now a prosthesis that is falling apart, I decided to learn to tango. I realised when I was stuck at home that there had not been enough dancing in my life. Like the dishwasher and the French doors decisions, this was a good one.

Through tango I have met some wonderful people, I have travelled to Buenos Aires with two great women and met a lovely fellow.

I danced in Madrid and I danced in BA and Nelson but mostly I dance with the very nice and lovely people in Welly. Sometimes I have found that beautiful connection that happens. But mostly it’s fun. And even when I don’t dance much I enjoy the camaraderie. And the chance to dance here with Geoff, who is taking great care of my hip and foot and providing the pleasure of dancing in the sunshine at the local Massey Memorial. A glorious evening in Welly. Sunshine and people.

Thanks Beth Condon for taking this picture. It’s something to treasure. Even though tonight the hip is agony and the feet hurt. It’s worth it.

Happy New Year.


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