rangi to kapi


New Zealand was looking spiffy on my travels. From Castor Bay and Okahu Bay to Raglan and to Kapiti. Rotorua looked fine and steamy and the museum was looking good (we look forward to seeing what changes the new deputy director makes), Hamilton looked lush and Auckland its less busy self. Raglan was stunning and the water warm. I’m sorry I missed the opportunity to catch a would-have-been-great-picture of Ruapehu in my side mirror but driving across the Desert Road at 8am with a hint of coolness in the air was fabulous. Three favourite drives are the Desert Road, the McKenzie country and the Pacific Highway from New Plymouth.

But the best of all was seeing folks. People I’ve known for 47 years in one case, 40 years in others. Some close to my heart and life.

And Welly? Brown hills and garden yellow with dandelions! Home šŸ™‚



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