spring indeed

In between weeding (and suffering for it in the walking and dancing department) I’ve been reading and watching old movies like Pulp Fiction for the umpteenth time. These books are highlights amongst the dross of random library finds.

T. C. Boyle: While I enjoyed Drop City and Inner Circle, it’s still The Women that resonated the most and proved the most enjoyable. Drop City as discussed before focuses on hippies and Alaskans. I detect a smidgen of distaste on Boyle’s part for the hippies and they were certainly an unpleasant lot. I’m sure NZ hippies were a lot nicer. Reading the book led me to search out ‘ohau’ but I have so far found none. There were the government-funded or assisted communes the Kirk government legislated for in the 1970s. Or have I got my terms muddled?

Rosalie Bay, circa 1972

And as piece of indulgence here’s one of us working, and one of us not, in the Rosalie Bay commune, Great Barrier Island circa 1972.

The Inner Circle, I enjoyed more. If enjoyed is quite the right word for reading about the anxiety and adoration Kinsey produced in his assistant, John Milk, (who seems to be based loosely on one of Kinsey’s assistants) and the ensuing affect this had on Milk’s marriage. It’s also worrying in retrospect to view the methodology used. But also interesting to view the sociological effects this had on the (American? Western?) population’s views of women and sex.

And finally: Merival. I was pleased that I had not read Restoration (although I am trying to find the 1989 dvd).

I did enjoy it. I liked his ditheriness and melancholy. I liked his self-doubt and Tremain’s descriptions of the tenuous hold the rich had on their richness and status and the poor had on life. King Charles II seems quite human. And conflicted, poor old thing.

It’s raining again so that cuts out gardening. Maybe I can try dancing instead.


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