A year after I had the now falling apart prosthesis put into my hip, I bought an imac.That was four years ago.

In the last month I have been alerted to various things that made me explore upgrading my OS, including visiting the nephew-in-law for advice and what seemed like endless hours on the internet. I kept being sent to the US store then back, asked if I wanted to pay $NZ69 to have a question answered (no) until finally I found the Q&A Forum.

The answer was along the line of this OS being the last in that line and no longer upgradable. (This seems to limit the upgrade status of Flash and most browsers amongst other things).

And this sent me to photograph the other things I have to deal with one day: the 1982 TV, the TV the last tenants left behind. The local dump, alas no longer accepts TV sets. I guess I’ll bury them in the garden.

And longevity? I’m still finding bottles of drink left over from the last, or possibly the last-but-one party I had for the nieces and nephews and their children.

Hip? We are still waiting for the new prosthesis.


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