60 year olds have a Big Day Out

Many of us turn 60 this year. This weekend it’s been Lizzie’s turn and she was in Wellington to shout me to WOW (World of Wearable Art) and me to take her to dinner.

We had a fine time. Apart from the tacky TSB arena WOW was entertaining. Everyone was in a party mood, the dancing was fabulous (young men tangoing together is always a wonderful sight), the bra section was hilariously funny, the musical/orchestra was glorious and reminded me of a kind of Titus Groan/Gormenghast vision. Oh yes, and the clothes? The wearable art was great. I loved the silver sparkly blingy character which won one of the prizes and the danse macabre and the Tiffany lamp. The Starship enterprise/future/Venus section (with the bras) was superb and the children’s section fun.

Choreography, dancers, models and designers were all fantastic. The town was full of well dressed middle aged women.

So we thought we’d take a webcam photo of two 60 year-olds on our Big Day Out. We like the look of horror and surprise on our faces and the mystified “how does this work” effect.

And here is a photo of a group of women (who unlike many) dressed up for the event. They were fun and we took their pictures for them.

Women at WOW.

A Good Day Out. With dinner at the current birthday place: Floriditas.


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