snuggling up to the u s of a

When I lie in bed and listen to the news I hear more and more about our snuggling up to the U S of A.

This morning it was about how our secret service um gathered data for the US about kim.dotcom. And while I don’t know enough to hold a brief for Kim.Dotcom I do know enough to know that sort of thing worries me.

Last week it was the visit of Defense Secretary Panetta and our warm relationship.

I’m old enough to recall the fight we had to maintain our ‘no nukes’ policy and the ensuing coldness. And I’m not so naive as to think we aren’t friends. And I applaud Obama’s speech to the U.N.


I’d like us to keep a little bit of distance. Just a bit. To show that NZ is an independent nation.

As they say “I’m only saying”.


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