….and cleavage

When I was 11 or 12 my parents took me to Cleopatra. It was big news in Dunedin, partly because it was filmed in Todd AO wide-screen and partly because of the Burton/Taylor excitement. I think Dad may have been excited about the cleavage too.

Today when I watched it I marvelled at Liz’s frocks, hairdos and make-up. Wow! When I watched it last time I do recall the hair-dos and make -up and the endless running around in togas but mostly I recall the excitement of getting dressed up to go to a wide-screen, therefore exciting, movie!

This time I note that it’s the tale of a man um ‘un-manned’ by love. hmmmm I think like Liz by the end of it I’d have been wanting to shake him. But I’ve yet to watch the final hour so he may redeem himself yet. I suspect he doesn’t and she dies. An asp, I believe?

I think this movie like Ben Hur, and the later Lawrence of Arabia did make me yearn to study and understand history, and maybe, just maybe entice me to go to Greece. Or Egypt. Or Rome.

It’s a great film still (the dresses! the glamour! the expense! the passion! the cast of thousands! the Nubian slaves!).

And a fine tribute to a fine pair of eyes.


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