My mother was known for her cleavage so my first bra was bought under the administrations of the well-contained women in the corsetry department of Arthur Barnetts. Despite it riding up over that which it was supposed to support, within two years I was ensconced in the usual garb of the 1960s -long line bra and ‘easies’ (which weren’t at all). Small wonder my anorexic teens ended with my freer twenties where my favourite dress enabled me to go naked underneath in summer and fully insulated in winter.

Today is wet and wild – the perfect day to update the underwear. While I started out at Bendon Lingerie in Queensgate trying on pale coloured bras for summer – I somehow ended up with these.

The young shop manager, whose name I did not get, made the experience fun and she sure knew her stuff. The hat? hmmm part of my moulin rouge costume.


4 thoughts on “corsetry………..

  1. How strange that we should both have blogged about new bras, and illustrated our posts with images of those extraordinary feats of engineering – the 50s pointy brassiere. No wonder I felt inadequate for years!


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