de koffie is klaar

coffee chez moiTwo weeks ago I cashed in some Fly Buys points (consumer orientated purchasing-yep I consume) to get a Sunbeam coffee machine. There are one or two issues with it relating to the little valve at the bottom of the water tank that creates a bit of a flood. (Customer service people online are helpful).

It led me to reflect on coffee making in my house.

I have a briki from Greece circa 1978, another from Greece circa 1998, a stove percolator compliments of birthday monies from my mother Eileen, circa 1995, a glass plunger circa 2000, a metal plunger circa 2009 for use on the deck (aka the balcony not the ship’s deck) and now this still-not -working- espresso machine, circa 2 weeks ago.

I use the briki to reheat the coffee from the metal plunger when I make too much because it’s hard to get Greek coffee grounds in Porirua (the last lot were brought to me by a thoughtful nephew. Thanks Ed). I don’t use the glass plunger because it’s too big but I do use the metal one everyday. The stove top “lady” from Cafe L’Affare I like but in the past 5 years I have failed to replace the damaged gasket.

There is also a coffee grinder won (!) circa 2005 along with my friend Bella as the best novices in the Ngati Hako golf tournament. I use this everyday and it’s too mucky right now to introduce into a photo. And the there are various coffee tins (Dutch and Kiwi) and the range of coffee cups (Greek, Australian, Italian, French and Kiwi).

A personal history of coffee fads that relates to emotion, and possibly the existence of metal in my body.

Just today’s little thought.


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