high maintenance

hip xray
Last July I was dealing with maintenance on the flat and with an old ‘friend’. While the person maintenance resolved itself the flat maintenance continued causing some stress. This stress added itself to some work stress along with ‘going to Spain’ stress. Lately there has been some community involvement stress (‘cavalier’ Moi?).

I went to Spain but the results of the other stress continued: sore neck, dislocated pelvis, pain in the hips. The lovely chiro (on whom a fortune has been spent) and the wonderful doctor told me it was muscle pain. So I’ve been going to the gym, reducing the dancing, increasing the cigars and wine, and joining a Feldenkrais group which has been really beneficial. In short doing everything I could to improve the hip.

I finally went to the doctor to get an xray (which I paid for). I also had the hair ungreyed partly because the greyness and the pain made me feel as if I should start looking at buying a mobility scooter. The occasional dancing I did was fun, boosted my spirits and caused no extra pain or stress. Driving did begin to cause extra pain and I paid for a lesson or two to learn how to drive with my right foot. The right foot was damaged in the bilateral hip operation I had 5 years ago so I drive a modified car. The driving instructor mentioned that the pedals were very high. I think this exacerbates the left hip problems.

So, now you can consider the xray, which no doubt you have viewed already.

Not only did they damage the sciatic nerve in my right leg causing a fabulous thing called drop foot, but they only put one screw in the left hip. You can see it in the xray. The extra stress that the left hip carries due to the ineffectual right side seems to have caused the pain, possible dislocation and stress. (Yes that’s a broken screw).

What happens now? We wait and see.

I’m still hopeful that rather than look at left/right sides ‘they’ might look at both sides together to find a kind of holistic solution.

Yeah right.


4 thoughts on “high maintenance

  1. ACC – go for it. This is medical misadventure. Won’t they pay for chiro? Nothing is offered. All must be requested. I know it’s probably not worth becoming an obsssessssed (sic) harridan to get what’s owing but I reckon blowing off sssssssteam to the right person in the right way can be effective. Anyway, good luck! You must be due for some!!!


  2. The mobility scooter, by the way, is now hip (hep). One model has motor sickle chassis, with windscreen like on the Electra Glide™. Still the four wheels, already. Much regard from the William Dennis Hopper Home For A Rest.


    1. Thanks for the info Al….um I am not quite ready for the mobility scooter yet, and by the time I am ready for one I hope that the models will be super hep. Hope the rest cure is working.


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