colonials and imperialists

The boy next door

Since just about every person I know who has had anything to do with Zimbabwe comes from or lived in Bulawayo, it was inevitable that I’d pick up this book from the Porirua library shelves.

And yes I enjoyed it, although like others I felt it needed a bit more editing. It is set in Bulawayo and tells of the relationship between a young black woman and her white neighbour against the background of Zimbabwe’s independence and the growing realisation that ‘Bob” Mugabe is not going to treat the Ndele people well. Nor perhaps, in the end, his own Shona people. It draws out the difficulties of colonisation and the struggles over terms like ‘girl’ as well as the many terms for “affs” and the tensions over living with people from other races in a place that has been colonised.

Then today I had a bout of motivational blues so didn’t go to work and flitted to the local cinema showing at 1.15pm The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.It was fun, but hmmmm the Brits do like India don’t they? It’s good that they can save the Indians from the arranged marriages and save their hotels for them (and themselves in the meantime). I’d like to have seen more of the prettier parts of Jaipur, however since we were being indulgent.

Dame Judy looked pretty spiffing in Indian chemises…….


One thought on “colonials and imperialists

  1. The film was ensemble – cast – good and easy on the eye, a good pickerupper of a movie. Book I now have from the local library so skimmed the first part.


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