remotely coincidental

Scene from The Apartment, taken from Antique Radios Blog:

Last night I lay on the couch, by the fire with the obligatory glass of pinot noir and watched The Apartment.

Apart from it being very funny and Jack Lemmon and Shirley Mac Laine being very good together (it is a Billy Wilder movie)there’s a scene where Jack sits on the couch to watch TV. He has beside him a gadget that enables him to switch channels. It looks a bit like something electricians use when they are testing electrical current.

Article from DomPost, 2 June, 2012
Then today as I lay in bed reading yesterday’s paper (it really is a good life) I found the obituary of the man accredited with creating the remote control. His name was Eugene J Polley, and although later his original ‘flash matic’ (using light to change channels – think sunshine too) was adapted and upgraded by a Mr Adler, EJP was known as the ‘founding father of the couch potato’. He was not keen on sharing the accolades for his invention, saying “A father has to be present at the conception. And if you are not, you are not that father.”

This blog has items about remote control developments and other stuff:


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