do you want queso with that?

It’s a lovely thing to go through the gate and hear the karanga at Auckland airport and the be told ‘welcome home’ by the passport control guy. It’s not so lovely to see the surly waitress (ok I know it was 3.30 am but….) at the cafe.

It’s great to be able to wander along to the domestic terminal and be the only one on the walkway. And to have the check-in desk woman call me ‘Cheryl’.

And it’s good to see the sea. And my bed is delicious.

Today’s linguistic notes: The Australian man behind me on the plane to the Spanish speaker who wanted clarification of the English-only customs video (can’t we do 2 languages?? Everyone else does.)

“Yeah they’ll give you a real going over at customs. If you are carrying food or anything like that they’ll really put you through the griller”

I could hear the exclamation of surprise from the Spanish speaking fellow.

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