no tengo

When I was last in Argentina the expression ´no tengo´ drove me nutty. I saw it as an expression of disinterest. I now realise that it´s a bit like the Greek ¨Ti tha kano?´ (What can I do?).

´No tengo´ seems to mean ´No we don´t have it and I can´t tell you why. Maybe the peso will fall. Maybe the Americans have landed. Maybe the bloody English will invade us from the Malvinas. Maybe there´ll be another dictatorship. Maybe the power will finally fail. Maybe tomorrow this shop won´t be here´.

Not that I am asking for anyone to tiene mucho. I walked today past consumer city and decided that the only things I seriously lusted after were way out of my price range.

Tango and health notes: The hip is miraculously better. Doesn´t even have to unravel when I dance. I suspect it´s the elevator in the building which has a mind of it´s own and shakes my spine and hips into place. Today I met the world´s grumpiest taxi driver (I hope his sidewindow broke when I slammed the door) and saw the world´s most elegant woman. About 70 but sooo elegant and restrained. Yes, I danced. No, not a lot. But I did get told that I danced well but that was by a fellow my new German friend refers to as ´vampires. Was it my perfume or the skin on my neck? But it was a nice dance.


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