communication and Christ

Last evening´s companions were a German woman who speaks English and a Spanish woman who speaks German. And me. It was amusing and I realise I can follow along to the general idea of German as much as I can Spanish. I just miss the punch lines.

It reminded me of a time in Piacenza that involved a Morrocan woman, an African man who spoke great English and Italian, a Morrocan boy who spoke Italian and me.

Today is the first day of Pascua and I watched Christ´s effigy (or one of them, I think there maybe a few) being carried through the streets of BA as I trotted off to get my queso, vino and fresh figs. mmmmmm

Did I dance last night? Yes and no. Was it ok? Yep. Was the dancing good? Yes and no.

Am I starting to get keen to find my bed? Yes. Am I, however, content? Si.


3 thoughts on “communication and Christ

  1. It’s funny when friends are traveling and you hear news of where they are… A big storm in BA they said on the news. that is Some people died. But obviously the storm only in parts and did not interrupt your day. So hope you have more dancing in your new shoes


    1. Í was at the ballet. Really? Some people died? The theatre is sound proof but they told us when we came out that there had been a storm. Wow. yes it´s funny eh you ehar the news but I don´t. Same as max knowing about the strike in Spain before I did.


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