settling in

The Havanna Cafe is next to this locutorio so I am settling in. Today I had 3 Easter eggs (one with the orange juice, one with the cafe con leche and one with the cortado), all complements of the house.

The homestay is comfortable and yesterday we went to El Teatro Colon to see the ballet Carmen. Spectacular.

Yesterday´s trip was the Garay to find suitable tango shoes. Alas easter gets in the way of having any made for me but I may have sorted a decent pair. It was lovely to find a more relaxed part of town and to eat ravioli at a local cafe. Cheap, rustic and delicious. I´m not sure that turning up at a tango shoe store with a walking stick and trying to explain about the shonky foot convinced the woman I was sane. But she pretended I was.

People do stop at traffic lights here too and walking is not so bad. The rubbish and broken footpaths make it tricky but all in all it´s pretty easy. And as usual people bear with my accent and are helpful.


One thought on “settling in

  1. Wonderful to see Carmen in such an environment! Glad all is well and you are enjoying. Wonder how Easter will be there? Will the religious history give it intensity? Lovely to hear. It is great to get up on Friday and relax with the very non Easter avocado on toast


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