this travel business

It´s a weird thing this travel business.

I found myself on the plane thinking about a wonderful presentation at the conference by a superb teacher called Miguel where he described how he encouraged bored students to embark on problem based learning using the metaphor of sad cows. He also showed a representation of the world that is a bit bumpy – not that perfect sphere we believe it to be.

And I was contemplating the nature of looking at art that talks about war and poverty then confronting the beggars in the streets.

And I have left easy-going lovely Spain which is by all accounts in the midst of an economic crisis to arrive in the basket case that is Buenos Aires where everything is dirty and scruffy and poverty screams at me.

Hmmm I think I am starting to imagine my bed and the calm view from my window.

Better get on with it all.


One thought on “this travel business

  1. Good to hear you have landed safely. I think that travel provides a range of contexts that make it easier to be open. Hope you have a restful time in transition. Look forward to hearing more of the sad cow metaphor


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