para las turistas (disabled)

This is for the people who pick up this blog after searching for crippledness.

I am not truly crippled any more but do walk with a stick at times, so here´s my take.

Spain is pretty easy. The streets (in the three cities I visited) are easy to walk and the people helpful. Almost every museum has a lift but the one in the Casa Battilo is truly beautiful and reserved only for those of us with sticks and chairs. The metro is a bit problematic due to stairs, but in Madrid very very easy to use.

The worst is the hotels with showers over the bath….aaargh. The most expensive hotel I stayed in was the worst in regard to safety and had I shouted for help I doubt I would have been heard. Hotel LLar had a bar over the bath for security and it was more central.

Hotel Valesco in Madrid is good – at last a walk-in shower, a balcony and a charming lift with attentive service. Noisy, however and I was forced to get the earplugs out last night. Good bars and breakfast bars nearby with friendly people.

Getting onto the Ave trains is great and easy part from the dratted escalators onto which you need to fit your bag and self. Spanish grandmothers, fortunately encourage their grandsons to help the senora. The worst part about the trains is that they didn´t accept my credit card in NZ, nor on my friend´s computer in Valencia and that you cannot buy a ticket for a train that leaves from a different station in Valencia but you can in Madrid and the ticket machines also don’t accept NZ credit cards so you need to be prepared to queue for hours. Such an efficient train system but such a tricky booking system. Buy all your tickets in Madrid – it´s easier!

Otherwise – it´s pretty easy for someone with a stick and a shonky foot.

Gaudi's sloping chair
Gaudi's sloping chair
Chairs in cafes are uncomfortable and I reckon Gaudi and me would have got on well. I reckon his chairs were made for me. Clever fellow.


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