The Greek flag swirls during a strike in Barcelona.
Today in Spain there is a general strike so the museums are closed. I have wandered, looking at buildings and taken time to upload images.

And to mention two restaurants. One called Cal Pepe which is fun and serves THE best squid, and another called Origens which serves Catalan food and does the best of everything. We went to the one on Viedreda /spelling/

We ate cheese, fig and nut salad and lentils and octopus with some Catalan meats. The service was fantastic and they provided free dessert muscatel. Best service and best food ever.


4 thoughts on “strike!

  1. I had heard on the news that there was a large general strike in Sapin, and wondered how it might impact on your travels. Guess things are pretty tough for the people there especially the young ones


    1. Yes for a country with such high youth unemployment it is remarkably safe and relaxed. 77% of the workeres were on strike yesterday!


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