gracias, espagna

The opera house roof, Barcelona
I may not get to another computer easily and I have 4 days left. So…..

Spain you have been wonderful. Your people are kind-hearted and friendly. They have shown me affection, good humour and respect. When I walk with a stick they make way for me and help me out. You have offered me delicious, tasty food with generosity and humour.

I have seen some of your art, your fabulous buildings, your wonderful shoes and bags and 3 of your beautiful cities. I have listened to a beautiful choir and watched old men clap to flamenco music in the street.

I have felt safe at all times. When I am lost your people show me the way with good humour. You are a country of generous people.

You have treated me courteously and well, and I thank you.


4 thoughts on “gracias, espagna

  1. Thanks hasta luego. Nice to have your comments here. Max returned today amidst a general strike!!!!!!! Hopefully he is home. Last time he visited me in Italy he got stuck in plane at the airport. Better visit him next time.


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