una pregunta o dos

While you may wonder why I am at the computer while in this party city, the answer lies in the previous post. The hip alas fries itself a bit.

I have two questions. Why is my bag getting heavier and what on earth possessed me to think that a meal for 8e in this tourist town would be worthwhile. Disgusting. So I was forced to spend the same amount on an affogato. Actually on icecream, amoretto and coffee in a fabulous lovely cafe bar where they spoke not a word of english and joked with me.

And this picture I tried to upload was that of my first Gaudi. The apartment of Guelli. Just around the corner and not too far from the mosaics of Miro.

While this computer allows me to upload some images it’s slow and there’s a queue. No I am not yet ready to buy an ipad but I did watch Valencians buying ipad 3 the other day. They were excited.

And today’s drinking companions. A chocolate maker from Belgium. Truly.


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