land of orange juice

Like many hotels this one does not maintain its browser updates. So it´s slow process. I am using a European keyboard with Spanish instructions and no usb socket for the camera.

The bands, walking the streets with the Fallas, are indeed playing, amongst other things, Valencia´ tadeta orange groves and so on. The fallas are curious and I wish I could understand the limmericks that go with them. The firecrackers are indeed loud.

Speaking of limmericks, last night in Madrid was truly astonishing as the Madrilenos celebrated St Patrick. I was lucky to strike a conversation with a Mexican phd student of wind power and his lovely Austrian girlfriend who is studying Irish law from the 4th and 5th century and whose birthday was the day before mine. She is 27 and I am not. They both live in Glasgow.

We have planned her 28th for NZ.

This morning I wandered the streets of my bario and found lovely graffiti, statues and a woman whose strength and fortitude I admire. She, too, is invited to NZ!

Todos bien.

Tomorrow more Valencia, more delicious orange juice and another cigar. Today´s 2 cigars plus lighter cost 1 euro. Mi gusta!

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6 thoughts on “land of orange juice

  1. I hope the Madrilenos celebrated St Patrick’s Day with a touch more style than we observed in Courtenay Place!

    Sounds like you’re having a blast. So envious!


    1. I meant to warn you Dr McA that you could expect increased sales of your dictionary in Valencia as I recommend it to the linguist who recorded my dulcet accent.


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