rain in spain

This post is inevitable as today there is much rain in Spain. I walked around to find the correo and this locutorio, but am always impressed with the way things happen when you travel.

For instance I went into a smart restaurant for lunch to be told that they were not yet open. The place 2 doors down was and I had a wonderful time tasting the various delicacies they enthusiastically offered me and trading spanglish banter. Much more fun than the stuffy lot down the road.

I like Valencia a lot and offer this suggestion: if you fancy being a fireman come to Valencia for Fallas. This is the festival of caricatures that they burn on the 19th. BIG flames. Many fireworks. I watched a 12 year old boy letting of fireworks as he walked the streets. He was in heaven when the car alarms went off.

All fun and its a Good Thing that the NZ health and safety officers do not visit Valencia at Fallas.

More news from the front sometime.

Off to buy some more delicious orange juice to ward off colds.


4 thoughts on “rain in spain

  1. Rain is just clearing now in Porirua after misty moisty morning
    Glad all good, and wonderful seredipitous choosing of restaurant. Look forward to photos. It’ll be great when presentation is over and you can completely relax


  2. Glad you’re enjoying Valenica – I did too, a very civilised city. Although at that point in my life, I didn’t seek out milongas! You looked relaxed and authoritative on your panel.


    1. Thanks Heather and Jane yes it´s a lovely city. I cannot upload any pix but am enjoying it all. The hip alas causes some problems but only to make me slow down a little.


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