this could be the last time

or not.

Last time I went to Europe I wore one pair of orthotic shoes, a brace and a crutch. This time, alas, I am packing shoes. No, not alas – it’s great but they do weigh a bit more than no shoes at all.

I’m off to Valencia, land of orange groves, if old school songs are anything to go by. To a digital storytelling conference.

I’m meeting up with an old friend with whom I’ve weathered many a storm and with whom I’ve had many a wonderful trip: Patmos, Naples, Auckland West Coast Beaches, Hatepe, London, Brighton and possibly a few others.

Here he is at Pompeii.

I’m also collecting the last of a sister set: Sharon, Judy, Rosie and finally Margaret.

And I hope to dance some tango, thanks to my wonderful, fabulous, chiropractor David, who after about 10 attempts finally worked on the neck so that it came unstuck. Finally, after 3 weeks I feel sane again.


And then I visit some new friends in Buenos Aires. And, just maybe, dance some more.


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