My Italian ‘word for the day’ link is ‘tremare’. Apt, since I have just spent a day in Christchurch. After my day in Chch I went north to Waipara where the pinot noir is very fine and the hills very dry and cream coloured.

I stayed in Chch in Colombo Street and walked to the casino where I hoped to find a meal. We walked past broken fences and vacant lots to the almost restored casino.

Christchurch lot

It was sobering being there. It was also sobering walking along streets that undulated, past houses that once were full of life. Everyone I met talked about the earthquake and I was impressed by the good humour that was displayed.

I did not find a meal at the casino as the service was inadequate so I wandered back past rubble to the Himalayas restaurant on Colombo just off the red zone. The service was delightful and the food delicious. Later I heard that the place had gone down in the first earthquake, been revived and gone down again in the second ‘quake. If you are in Chch, go there. It’s a hymn to fortitude.

Another place that warmed the heart was the pop up/start up shops in Cashel near the red zone.


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