consequences and solutions

One of the consequences of having a shonky foot is that the toes curl under and I get corns or bunions or something on my toes. There are other consequences like getting nervous in the wind and worry about being blown over (I live in the windiest city in New Zealand). Besides the foot not doing what it is meant to do, when I am dancing I get sore toes.

It occurred to me that there might be a solution so I visited the local pharmacy. And yep there is a plethora of solutions.

Today’s trial is a long skinny tube lined with glycerine which I cut to fit the toes (like this but the demo is on my finger).

It seemed to work ok at today’s practica but lead people to ask what was wrong with my toe.

I was impressed with the range of foot things – plasters, corn covers, bunions pads, underfoot pads, over toe pads – that were available. Dr Scholl used to sell orthotic type sandals. He’s certainly branched out in the last 30 years!


2 thoughts on “consequences and solutions

  1. Hi! I’ve been using Dr Scholl Ball of Foot cushions for years, two on each foot. I bruised that area via some overenthusiastic dancing and subsequent research informed me about the horrors of metatartalgia and how it ends some dancers’ careers.
    They work brilliantly well and protect my feet for hours and hours of dancing.


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