it’s a mystery to me

I recently succumbed to buying a new TV (partly ‘cos my old one has been in the fixit shop for over 4 months! I gather it’s because tv repair shops have pretty much gone out of business in this area so the few remaining ones are snowed under).

Then I used FlyBuys to obtain a new DVD player (I watch a lot of DVDs).

My gripe is that I’m ok about joining switches and plugs and a friend programmed the TV for me, but I’m buggered if I can intuit the meaning of half of the abbreviations and acronyms.

I suspect that I’m in one of those situations where I want a TV to watch TV but in reality if can do a whole lot of other stuff that I don’t need it to do.

I think technical writers should provide a glossary for their manuals – but then again I could look the abbreviations and acronyms up on sites like the one where I found all these (pictured).

I’m sure I do want an ipad but does it do any more than my current phone? Or am I just techno-consumer driven? Possibly.


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