finding the goddess within

While I may not excel at cooking (see previous post) I do enjoy a spot of preserving and jam making. This year the plum tree is the fullest I’ve ever seen it, and coincidently I am at home so am able to beat the birds to the fruit. Yesterday I made plum jam, today I make plum sauce and tomorrow…ah tomorrow. The black-peach tree tree, on the other hand, bears 3 peaches whereas last year it was laden. Due perhaps to the snow we had this year? The snow certainly killed off the glorious puka, beneath which my cat is buried.

Friends, perhaps, may receive post-Xmas gifts of jam (if I don’t nosh it all first).

And by way of continuing book reviews, I have just read a good book (not wonderful, but good) about an artefact seeking trip to the South Seas from San Francisco. Disturbing tales of uplifting artefacts from Melanesia for a competitor to the Field Museum in Chicago. Worth a read. It’s called Bright and Distant Shores. Another good holiday read was Duane’s Depressed by Larry McMurtry. Describes accurately the need to ‘downsize’ when you reach a certain age. Get rid of the crap which I did semi successfully this holiday.

(PS I use the Edmonds Cookbook recipes).


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