vessels of delight

Someone who has this (sent by a BestFriend) on their new stove, can’t help noting the irony when same BF urges her to read a book called the Last Chinese Chef. When I realised that the author was the wonderful Nicole Mones I needed no more urging.

I read her book Cup of Light about 2 years ago and loved it. And of course I have seen Lost in Translation.

The LCC was one of the great reads of 2011 (along with the McCahon book also recommended by same BF). Both of Mones’ books are multi-layered, rich, intriguing.

Who would have guessed (being the obvious non foodie that I am , apart from the love of melanzanes) that food had so much meaning? So many references? Was so linked to history, health, well being and politics? Yes, there’s a little bit of irony there. But I love a book that teaches me a lot while I enjoy the prose.

Wonderful read.

Oh and btw the second of my three Christmas gifts (a rich haul) was this. No, it’s not porcelain but it is very beautiful.


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