fish heads

Fish heads, Auckland

Whenever I see fish heads, like this glorious lot, I am reminded of the story by Apirana Taylor, called Fish heads.

I used to get students with low literacy levels to read this story and they always responded to it. It talked to them and their experiences.

It’s a story of a young Maori guy trying to buy fish heads from fishmongers who don’t understand the value to him.

I see that it is recommended for school students too.

And I loved this visit with friend Mo to the newly updated Auckland wharves where lovely sculptures, old silos and fish markets replace the tatty old waterfront, that we did use to like a lot. The new one is better though.


3 thoughts on “fish heads

    1. I have a photocopy of the story – it was in a Penguin Book of Short Stories which I thought I had but I’d have to go looking. I’ll let you know if I find it – alternatively I can make a copy. Surely it’s in a library? I’ll look in the local.


  1. The book is He Rau Aroha by Apriana Taylor. Penguin 1986 Probably out of print. I can send a photocopy if you need one. Fish heads only – not the whole book. 🙂


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