elearning stuff

I’ve been at an elearning conference which started with a welcome on the very beautiful marae at Unitec. The wharenui is a beautiful building and I loved the Treaty pou – bronze, twisted vines and digital reproductions of the Treaty.

Once the welcome was over, however, we entered Pakeha time. Which was ok except that it’d have been nice if the metaphors had continued a little longer.

Some presentations were very good. And some, as at all conferences, not so.

What stood out for me was the technology panel, not so much that we looked at the small and detailed but because we looked at the big picture.

I liked David Pearson because he asked questions about cultural practices, disruptive technology and institutions’ ability to deal with disruptive technology.Bronwyn Hegarty talked her usual intelligent stuff about blogs and in fact blogs became a bit of a theme of the conference.

Maggie Buxton talked passionately about augmented realities, projects and learning through play. She was, for me inspiring.I’d be keen to find out more about fo.am

I liked that the conference started with the metaphor about the house and I enjoyed the seriousness of Agnes Kulkushka-Hume and the energy of Steve Wheeler.

And I liked meeting up with former colleagues, business partners and friends.

Oh and I tried to tweet more. but I’m still not sure about twitter. Some of the comments on the big screen seemed to me a bit like kids being, well, disruptive.

Link to the marae: http://www.unitec.ac.nz/index.cfm?624A834C-145E-6A3C-46A1-6C94DA3886DC


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