the gorge, the gentleman and goldie

1910 c1910s-30s Bowler hat by Scotts of London and Calhoun's of Canada prv.jpg

As I drive down Ngauranga Gorge on my way to work, I frequently spot an elderly fellow walking down the gorge. It’s unusual to see anyone walking down the gorge but this particular fellow attracts my attention for the way my mind references him.

What’s distinctive about him is his clothing. I swear on most occasions he wears a bowler hat, always a black suit and my mind has concocted a long pounamu earring. He walks with a long walking stick which he holds away from his body.

I’ve associated him with Charles Goldie’s painting of Te_Aho-o-te-Rangi Wharepu called All ‘e Same t’e Pakeha. I can’t copy the image here ‘cos it’s copyrighted and I haven’t asked permission.

It’s an odd sight, though, to see someone like this walking down amongst the cars.

A month later: I saw this fellow at the local supermarket. He was carrying a carved walking stick, has a facial moko and indeed wears a bowler hat but carries a supermarket bag. I almost went up to say ‘hello’. He does look remarkable.


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