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Superzero contains Paolo Manfredi‘s files. Used under CC license.

The person who thought it was time to be calmer is not doing so well. This blog may be turning into one about hmmmm something else.

There I was tottering along in my new summer sandals with high heels (one of the things I’d promised myself as an emerging non-cripple) when I spied four young men at the end of the pedestrian crossing. It’s end of term/end of year and they looked jolly.

They handed me a small pamphlet which I took with a smile. “Thanks for reading about Jesus” said one.

“Oh,” said I, returning it to him. “No thanks.”
“But Jesus loves you” he said.
To which my frustrated reply was “Bullshit.”
“But he does,” was his retort.
And mine? “Oh crap.”


Another successful exchange on the street.

Maybe the next post (after I’ve photographed the new shoes) will be about my ongoing attempts to find out what happened to my complaint about parking at the gym.


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