long and across

The Bay looked spiffing in the morning sun as I drove along the beach front having failed (again) to exit the way I entered. Napier is like Hamilton and Christchurch – too many exit and entry points while Wellington has only two by road.

I left early hoping that the rest of the country was still nursing its hangover and drove past billboards alerting me to the Next Big Thing.

This taken from an image in public domain of 2005 billboards in NZ. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:NZ_election_billboards.jpg

The blue billboards assure me I’ll have a Brighter Future. The red ones tell me there’d be No Asset Sales. The green ones tell me I’ll have a Richer Country. The red and white ones tell me the names of the (Maori) candidates. Then there are small green and white ones that tell me to keep NZ clean and green, but they, I suspect, are not advertising any political party…..

So what do I want? Hmmm I don’t want any more asset sales and I do want a brighter future for everyone and I’m also keen on having a richer New Zealand (this last intrigues me it’s not the message I would have thought the Greens would promote but maybe I read it wrong as I drove too fast (yeah right) past the signs and the Tui brewery (!!) as I searched for the Paihiatua Track (which I found!! The Gorge is shut).

Hmmmmm it really is time to slow down and read the signs and make a decision.

Greens – richer in so many ways New Zealand. Was going too fast clearly. Or thinking inside the square.


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