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Te Hau ki Turanga was the centre of the Maori Hall at the old National Museum in Buckle Street. It was used as a retreat to sit and think, a place for learning raranga and waiata and a focal point for any hui.

The carver, Raharuhi Rukupo represents himself on one of the pou as he should. It’s a beautiful piece of work which created a sense of comfort.

Its present incarnation at Te Papa shows it off as a piece of beauty but, in my mind, fails to recreate that sense of comfort and calm. It’s a bit more hectic.

So, I’m pleased to hear that at last the house will go home to sit near its sister house Te Mana o Turanga.

The story of Te Hau ki Turanga is not a happy one, so I’m hoping there’s a happy ending to this story and it provides comfort for people as it did to the staff of the ‘old’ museum.

REF: Volume 105, No. 1, Te Hau ki Turanga, by Deidre S. Brown, p 7-26 Journal of the Polynesian Society.


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