reading is such pleasure

From time to time I read a book by Paul Auster and enjoy it. I also enjoy books by his wife Siri Hustvedt, to be honest I have not read many but What I Loved is a wonderful book.

Image of library book with the ID code over the title, alas.

So, reading Sunset Park, I knew would be an intense experience. And it was.
I note that he thanks his daughter for her dissertation on To Kill a Mocking Bird for part of the inspiration for this book. And I can see why. Throughout the book we are treated to various perceptions on the film The Best Years of their Lives. One of the characters sees things that are missing, another sees the slights to returned soldiers.

It is a remarkable book partly because it is a story about people trying to make sense of their lives.

These two writers belong, I think, to that list of fantastic American writers some of us grew up with but Auster reminds me most of Baldwin for the elegant language, the outstanding intelligence and the perceptive analysis of people and their times.


2 thoughts on “reading is such pleasure

  1. Paul Auster is an amazing writer. His novel “The Brooklyn Follies” is a story I still think about even though I read it years ago. I haven’t read Sunset Park, but it’s definitely on my list. đŸ™‚


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