he called me ‘darling’, the bastard

About 3 weeks ago I toddled down to my local gym, only to find it inundated with people. No park. So I eased the car up onto the pavement. No it’s not legal and yes, the crippled car parks were all taken.

After passing all the young men trying to give me some kind of pamphlets, and after being so polite “no thanks” I began to get irritated when I heard one of them make that kind of “ohhya” noise that means “Suit yourself you old bag”.

So, I tried to make a complaint and was sent downstairs. The complaint forms had all been taken into the event so I had to walk past more people trying to give me pamphlets, nearly tripping over several children to grab the complaint forms.

By this time I was getting a bit more irritated so I filled out complaint forms and exited, only to find that the car in front was leaving. Just as I began to ease off the pavement an SUV decided to enter. It backed really close and since my car still carries the signs of the last time an SUV backed into me I tooted the horn.

The smarmy fellow got out of the car and made some indistinguishable hand gestures. As I drove away I called out “You just needed to let me out first” and he replied “There’s plenty of room, darling”. You may be able to guess my retort. Not polite.

So today I went to the Argentinian day at Te Papa, and after the fellow at the entrance was unable to tell me where the tango stuff was and I tripped over several small children and the coffee took ages to be made, I was a bit irritated with myself for losing the exit ticket to the parking lot.

The mature fellow wandering around was extremely helpful, getting me a ticket for the exact amount rather than making me pay the $20.00 ‘fine’.

So I felt better and I’ll tell you what I thought of the Tainui exhibition too. Next post.


2 thoughts on “he called me ‘darling’, the bastard

  1. A perfect illustration of the apparent endearment as put-down. Not-so-cunningly designed to seem unaggressive, so that if the recipient retaliates she’s just a bitter feminist. “Sonny” is the best response I’ve managed to come up with.


    1. Yes but in the heat of the moment alas, “go have sex (with anybody else”) was the best I could manage. Must Keep Calm Next Time. . …..


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