last post

The last post which I have now deleted was a load of unmitigated self indulgent crap and I do apologize to anyone who happened to see it.

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9 thoughts on “last post

  1. I got it in my feed reader (once they go out they can’t be pulled back!) and actually appreciated and enjoyed it 🙂 even just for the photos! (But not just the photos.)

    Not really that self-indulgent or crap, but in any case, this is a blog, “self-indulgent” and “crap” are required!


  2. Yes I realised that people with feedreaders would get to see it. I still feel it was a mistake but I have some more photos. Have you not seen the 1970s pix? Some on Fbook I think. Happy to share. Thanks R…appreciated it.


  3. I came to comment about how much I liked the post, too. Not sure if it was self-indulgent or not, but you’re allowed to be on your own blog.

    …and now I read Haszari’s comment and see that he has said essentially the same thing. We must be related…


  4. ADDITIONAL: although I’m not a woman, nor was I ever a hippy, and I can’t possibly call myself “mature” in any sense of the word, I did see parallels to my own life – moving from being idealistic and world-focussed, to becoming perhaps more of a realist, and being more concerned with one’s immediate world.


  5. Oh, people do like to rag on me for talking about the weather, don’t they? I’m happy to be a total hypocrite and reverse my earlier abhorrence of weather discussion, just to give everyone something to talk about.

    Although, I only ever disliked smalltalk about the weather. EXTREEM weather is pretty much always interesting.

    It seems I also like to derail comment threads…


  6. Your mother has very good hearted sons. Your father has too I guess. It’s fun being your ‘aunt’. Thanks heaps as we say out this way.


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