spring has sprung

Pollyanna is looking forward to the next few months as the last three were…….interesting in the Chinese sense “May you have an interesting life”. I do, sigh.

But I also read a book by Linda Grant called The clothes on their backs. And that sent me to her blog. It’s the perfect blog for a new beginning and complements Plain Jane’s blog about sartorial spendour, I reckon.

“Our vulnerability suddenly touched me, all our terrible, moving weaknesses in a jacket, a skirt, a pair of shoes.” (The clothes on their back).

I also liked the blog about Advanced Style. As “one” approaches sixty “one” does need to worry about How To Dress.

So yesterday I bought moisturiser that cost $xxx.xx. I didn’t know that moisturiser could cost that much. But a colleague (much younger) buys moisturiser that costs closer to $500.00. So I figured I was doing ok.

Must be spring.

PS: There’s a tango sub theme in the book!


2 thoughts on “spring has sprung

  1. I love The Thoughtful Dresser, but unfortunately Linda Grant has abandoned it. Apparently it was motivated by research for her book of the same name, and she stopped posting once the book was published last year.


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