being crippled

Perhaps the crippledness that we have is not always physical. Perhaps it’s living with, knowing people who are, and being addicted.
I have one of those in my life and the sense of being crippled I have from the physical defects I suffer is nothing compared with the sense I have of watching someone who has talents, skills and a lovely smile descend into a drunken stupor every night.

Yes it’s temporary and, yep, in some circles I’m an enabler.

But I always think “I can deal with this” and as a good friend said “Well, you can’t really can you?”

It affects the psyche and the balance. There’s a sense of negativity and wastage.

And while it helps me understand how it must be for women who are in abusive relationships it’s a lesson I don’t need any more. I think that people who live with addicted people must be the most pollyannish in the world. Always thinking it will improve. Always hopeful. I also learned that it’s not good to keep it a secret. So I’m posting this.


3 thoughts on “being crippled

  1. I was gonna comment on this post before, but it disappeared. Now it’s back I can’t remember what I was going to say. I will just express empathy as much as one can in a comment.

    Time we had a catch up I think.


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